Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ye Have Little Faith

Well once again I have found myself losing faith in humanity and anyone one who intakes oxygen on this planet of being capable of being an honest and true friend. I try not to be a Sally Sourpuss when it comes to trust and having faith in people but it seems when I do go with the "water under the bridge" and "let's move on" way of thinking it just blows up in my face. Honestly I am so sick and tired of having people betray my trust and then walk around with a snively little smile and sucker all into thinking they are this great big hearted person who is there for all their friends. Truth is...they are only there for you to talk to so that they may have some good trash to talk to their other two faces of evil friends. They are not sincerely worried or concerned or even sympathetic, they are just looking for a way to fit in with the "cool" kids and have trash to talk. Truth is...YOU ARE THE TRASH!!! This time I will not be a sucker and fall into a nostalgic way of thought and think there is a friendship of trust and confidence between us. Also I find it so humorous that people that supposedly could care less about me seem to keep me as topic. There is nothing better than being asked about how your doing after your mariage has to me....coming from a person that should have no idea of any bumpy road there may have been unless it came from one person....Yep that is YOU!!! So from no on my two-faced fake big mouthed "friend" I will no longer fall for you "I'm here is you need me" line of bullshit!!

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