Sunday, January 17, 2010

What the Blog!?!

So here I sit on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon finding myself drifting into the land of Bloggers. I had once been a resident of the land full of racy rants, quotable quotes, obnoxious opinions, and charismatic chaos a long time ago. My stay there was filled with wit, sarcasm, memoirs, and eclectic expression. I would come across a situation that would inspire me to lay text on computer screen in hopes that some slightly dysfunctional human mind would find humor and pleasure in its oozing puss of whatever rolled from thought to finger tips.

Unbelievably I have had "followers" in the past that took guilty pleasure into spending time in the manic thought process I call my head. My rants on how rain seems to be the key ingredient in ignorant drivers...or my top ten annoying eating habits...better yet my angry spatter about close minded bigotry.

Well kids it seems Miss Redd's Manical ride is once again open for business. Who knows what you will find here. Could be a serious discussion on the fall of our healthcare system....a review of some screamo bad from Alberta....a top ten list from the pits of is always a surprise. So let me end by welcoming all into the madness of Miss Redd!

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